Whale Shark Diving

Whale shark diving might sound dangerous and, though there are always dangers about when diving, it’s not the whale sharks one should worry about. Under normal circumstance, whale sharks are incredibly docile. These gentle giants are an incredible sight to behold. Thousands of tourists travel to many parts of the world to see the sharks including Mexico, Atlanta, and Honduras for a rewarding and breathtaking experience. For the less intrepid, whale shark diving can also be enjoyed in a more controlled environment at places such as the Georgia Aquarium.

Diving With Whale Sharks Mexico

Isla Mujeres is one of the best places to swim with whale sharks in Mexico because of the plankton-rich ocean waters surrounding the island. Between June and September is the best time to go. During these months sharks in the hundreds congregate north of the island, where the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico converge, to feed on plankton. Other times of year most sharks are seen swimming solo or with one or two other sharks. Myriad tours are available including diving expeditions and boat tours. Lesser known Isla Holbox, a tiny island oasis a short boat ride from Cancun, is another excellent choice for whale shark diving. The industry is managed by the World Wildlife Fund who teams with local guides to provide a sustainable experience ensuring no ill-effects from the tourist industry.

Diving With Whale Sharks Honduras

Diving With Whale Sharks Honduras
Diving With Whale Sharks Honduras

Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras is one of the rare places diver’s can see whale sharks throughout the year. There are many tour guides to choose from. Most Honduras resorts and hotels can either arrange tours for guests or add them into a package, or both. Most tours kit out participants in snorkeling gear, not diving equipment; whale sharks filter feed close to the surface (swim along the surface with their mouths wide open eating plankton and other smaller fish). If you want to dive be sure to have your basic diving certification. Guides strategically place snorkelers in front of, or alongside, the feeding shark. Moving to the side and keeping up is a true test of strength for some. The opportunity is available year-round yet the main whale shark season is February through April and again from October through December.

Swim With Whale Sharks in Atlanta

Looking for the best places to swim with whale sharks in North America? In Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium has a great program offering a guaranteed chance to scuba dive or snorkel with whale sharks, manta rays, and a diversity of other marine life. With the swimming option, guests 12 years and older can swim daily for 2.5 hours at the surface with a floatation device and air supplied by a snorkel or tank and all other equipment such as wetsuits and masks. To dive, participants need to be certified open water divers.

Diving With Whale Sharks Ningaloo Reef

Diving With Whale Sharks Ningaloo Reef
Diving With Whale Sharks Ningaloo Reef

Australia's Coral Coast, found on the country’s west side, is home to stunning Ningaloo Reef, where a cache of natural riches are found. Whale shark diving and snorkeling around Ningaloo Reef is best between the months of March through July’s end. Most tours allow a maximum of ten people in the water at a time and generally a boatload of not more than 20 people. During the tour, it’s unlikely the whale shark is the only sea creature seen; the reef is home to hundreds of species including dolphins, manta rays, turtles, and more. It’s also common for tours to take along guests who prefer to view sharks from aboard the boat.


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