Cruise Ship Destinations

Cruise ship destinations are nearly endless, and once you begin looking at a list of possibilities, you truly won’t know where to start planning your trip. Every year the top 10 cruise destinations change as ships improve services, create better packages, and offer increasingly unusual on-shore excursions. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway full of sunbathing and shopping or a cultural trip that covers a lot of ground, you will find a cruise that is a perfect fit for your needs. The only decision left to make will be choosing between a Caribbean cruise destination, a European cruise destination, an Alaskan cruise, and more.

Popular Cruise Destinations
Popular Cruise Destinations

When many people first think of cruise ship destinations, the Caribbean often comes to mind. While there are many fantastic options in the Caribbean, it is also possible to extend your reach even further. Some travelers have turned to cruises in recent years because they want to see a variety of destinations on one trip, but don’t want to fly or take a train in between. One of the most popular is the Mediterranean cruise, which can expose travelers to destinations in the south of France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey all in one trip. If you’ve always wanted to travel in Europe but don’t know where to begin, a cruise can be a great introduction to these different countries.

Cruise Destinations
Cruise Destinations

The top 10 cruise destinations usually include Norway. Another option for a European cruise are ships that set sail through the famous Norwegian fjords. To see how glaciers carved dramatic landscapes and see some of the most breathtaking backdrops on Earth, choose a Norwegian cruise. Similarly, many people choose an Alaskan cruise to see glaciers, and even Aurora Borealis, at certain times of the year. While these top 10 cruise destinations don’t offer the opportunity to sunbathe, they do offer beautiful views and a cultural experience that many people on the planet never have the chance to see.

Cruise Ship Destinations
Cruise Ship Destinations

If your mind is set on escaping the freezing temperatures of winter for a little sunbathing, look into a Caribbean cruise destination. Many shops depart from areas in the coastal US, including Miami Florida. Board a boat for the Florida Keys, Dominican Republic, Aruba, or even the coastline of Mexico. Different cruise ship destinations have gained popularity for different reasons, meaning it’s possible to find an itinerary that suits your perfectly. Some places, like Aruba, are known for their shopping, while other destinations, such as Playa del Carmen, is known for its party atmosphere. Be sure to do your research beforehand to ensure that the destination of your choice has the atmosphere you are seeking.

When looking for a Caribbean cruise destination, another thing to consider is the availability of packages. Many cruise lines will offer an all-inclusive package that combines the price of accommodation, food, some drinks, and entertainment. If you’re traveling with a family, this can be an especially good deal. From these types of common cruises to options that are once in a lifetime, such as a cruise to Antarctica, there is the perfect cruise out there for you. From all inclusive destinations to international vacations, culturally-driven to party-central, climb aboard a cruise ship and let your worries slip away!


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