Puerto Vallarta Weddings

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Venues
Puerto Vallarta Wedding Venues

Puerto Vallarta weddings have become all the rage for couples who want to have a special ceremony on the breathtaking coast of the Pacific Ocean. A beach wedding in Puerto Vallarta is truly one of the most romantic ways you could possibly celebrate the occasion and luckily enough for the eager couple considering one, there are many services that help facilitate the perfect day when the time comes. From wedding packages in Puerto Vallarta that are offered by the hotels and resorts themselves to wedding planning services that help arrange the details, from where to hold the ceremony to finding the best rates for people flying in to attend, couples will find they have a number of viable options going forward.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Villas
Puerto Vallarta Wedding Villas

One of the main reasons that Puerto Vallarta weddings (and weddings in other tropical destinations for that matter) have become as popular as they have, is due in large part to the fact that having your wedding and honeymoon in the same place is a very alluring prospect, not just because it is cost effective, but also because it is convenient. The romance factor is a given in an enchanted place such as this, so when it comes to the practical considerations it is also good to know that a beach wedding in Puerto Vallarta makes perfect sense. Leave right from the ceremony to your reception and then go directly to your own private villa for the utmost in privacy and luxury on your Puerto Vallarta honeymoon.

There are two situations that will largely inform the nature of your beach wedding in Puerto Vallarta and how much work you will need to put into the planning and organizing. You can either leave the extenuating details to a wedding planning service that can account for everything from the food and drinks on the menu to finding friends and relatives the best rates on airfare, or you can take on more of these kinds of things yourself. This sounds like a no-brainer for those booking their Puerto Vallarta weddings, but actually some couples are highly interested in dictating the terms of their own wedding and like the ability to get in the mix and help plan down to the very last detail.

Puerto Vallarta Weddings
Puerto Vallarta Weddings

If this is the case for you, you may want to consider booking your wedding plans at a resort that you are able to comprehensively research. It helps to find a place where you can establish an English-speaking contact and one that has plenty of experience arranging wedding packages in Puerto Vallarta. Many such resorts offer discounts or include the wedding for free when a week at the resort is also reserved. Imagine a free wedding and in a virtual paradise on earth nonetheless! If you can find a place that you are comfortable dealing with and that is helpful and reliable, you may want to leave the particulars (setting up the arrangement of chairs, flowers, menu, etc.) to planners at the resort that are willing to work with you but also give you the freedom to do more fun things like plan the honeymoon. Wedding packages in Puerto Vallarta are meant to take the stress out of the entire experience, including lightening the effect on the wallet. Make your plans with plenty of time to spare to ensure that your beach wedding in Puerto Vallarta is everything you always dreamed your wedding would be.


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