Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife
Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Puerto Vallarta nightlife has something to offer for everyone, including families with children. There are boisterous bars and romantic bars in Puerto Vallarta that are perfect for couples who just want to toast the sunset quietly, with a little smooth jazz in the background. There are famous discos and nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta for the thousands of young people who flock here every year to party through the college spring break. There is Nuevo Vallarta nightlife at luxury hotels that allow you to enjoy an entertaining evening at the same place where you are staying. In short, there is something available for everyone after the sun goes down.

The Nuevo Vallarta nightlife is, as the name of the district implies, fairly new to the scene. This area located just north of the airport along the Riviera Nayarit, and is a young development with numerous all inclusive resorts, most of which have a party scene. More bars and clubs are appearing as this area becomes better known and more popular. The Nuevo Vallarta nightlife is more subdued than some of the famous boisterous clubs and discos found in older and more established areas of the metropolitan area. The Nuevo Vallarta hotels and resorts are where many go for fine dining and some music and dancing before they head out to the clubs that often don’t open until late evening and keep going until dawn.

Puerto Vallarta Bars
Puerto Vallarta Bars

More subdued Puerto Vallarta nightlife can also be found in many music bars all over the area. Here, couples have some quiet music and sunset cocktails before going clubbing. The El Faro in Marina Vallarata is a perfect example. This famous circular bar is at the top of the historic lighthouse that is the city’s symbol, and offers live jazz on most evenings. Look also for these places along Restaurant Row in historic Old Town.

Puerto Vallarta Malecon Nightlife
Puerto Vallarta Malecon Nightlife

Most of the famous discos and nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta are found in Marina Vallarata as well as in the downtown (El Centro) and along the Malecon. The best known club in Marina Vallarta is the huge multilevel Collage, which has anchored the club scene in the city for many years. It is, in fact, one of the largest nightclubs on the Pacific coast, even including California. The cover charge is inexpensive and varies depending on the theme night. There are foam parties, black light parties, bikini and wet tee shirt contests, and even a Mardi Gras night. This place is packed, especially on weekends and during spring break. It is open from 10:00 a.m. until dawn. Other nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta include the Zoo on the Malecon, with the motto “where all the animals meet by night,” and trendy Club Christine located in the Krystal, one of the most prestigious Puerto Vallarta hotels. Both of these are also very large discos with state of the art sound systems.

There are several choices of Puerto Vallarta nightlife for those on family vacations. There are some organized evening tours that are fun and fascinating for children and adults alike. Two of these involve time spent on the water. Rhythms of the Night is an evening program that cruises from Puerto Vallarta south to the exclusive private jungle retreat of Las Caletas. This remote beach paradise once was the home of famed film director John Huston. The program includes the cruise, a catered starlight dinner, and a captivating performance by a respected Mexican modern dance troupe that portrays the ancient civilizations of Mexico, complete with dramatic music and authentic costumes. The historic Marigalante is an authentic reproduction of the Santa Maria, one of the ships that sailed with Christopher Columbus, and its crew is authentically costumed as pirates. The evening cruise tour includes dinner and a program that has everything from pirate kidnappings for treasure ransom to walking the plank. There are also tours that take you into the rural country side to an authentic rancho to enjoy dinner and a real Mexican fiesta, complete with mariachis, piñatas, folkloric dancing, and the lasso skills of Mexico’s famed charros (cowboys).


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